Haute Couture makes BMW's S1000RR Superbike look even better [w/video]

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Very satisfied of the BMW S1000R superbike teaser showing the machine in the presence of supermodels and cheetahs, German photographer Markus Hofmann has decided to play the same card once again, this time to present Haute Couture.

Hofmann explained:

“There are so many motorcycle manufacturers that combine motorcycles and women in an artless and sleazy way, that I thought there just had to be a better way of doing it. I had no intention of putting a naked woman on a bike, and it was very clear to me that the bike had to be the S 1000 RR Superbike in the same colour that people have seen on the racetrack in 2009. I didn’t want the bike to fade into the background either; showing the name of the manufacturer was also very important for me, because it made the feeling of a pit stop and racetrack environment much more authentic”

To us, this is the same scenario, only that the cheetahs were probably released in the wilderness meanwhile because they’re nowhere to be found. Video is attached after the break.


Mr. Hofaman from what he has said, but please let’s just admit it than putting naked women on the bike is sort of marketing strategy of the businessman. It really doesn’t matter if they made it with art or not but in the end it’s just for eye-catchy purposes. 

yeah, definitely...very nice video

what a sweet looking girl..if I’m that bike i will be terribly happy.smiley

If I buy a BMW S1000RR I would get that superbike colour the video looks good.

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