High school students build unique two-wheeler

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As the world moves towards eco-friendly and easy-on-the-wallet modes of transportation and everything from trains to lawn movers are shifting towards alternate sources of energy, a young set of individuals have come out with a cute yet effective automobile.

A group of high school students who are fully aware of the present situation surrounding the auto industry have designed an electric two-wheeler with a roof.

Powered by lithium phosphate batteries with an output of 60 volts, the permanent magnet motor utilizes the power to propel the bike. The recharge time is just about 3 hours and should get you to sit up and notice I say its body is made carbon fiber and Kevlar composite material (stuff that F1 cars are made of). The chassis benefits from chromoly tubing.

On a full charge, the roofed-bike will cruise for 40 long miles with a pedal-to-metal velocity of 60 mph. At those speeds, safety is addressed by a proper seat and seat belts which makes it safer than a normal two-wheeler. The pod will also protect you from the heat and dust on a summer’s day and will help you keep warm during winter time.

While other high-school kids were busy learning to efficiently hit on the good-looking, this team of 19 students toiled hard for a period of one year to see this concept from the state of imagination to reality. What we appreciate is their unique thought process, a green two-wheeler is certainly pointing in the right direction and who knows? there might be a future GM or Honda head among this group of students.

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Lets give extra credit for the kids. Job well done!

well a very lovely design by a high-school student, sure thing he’s a car enthusiast.

Pretty impressive for a high school student. Although I don’t think that it would go into mass production or even if it does that it will sell a lot. Maybe in countries where bikes are popular like in China.

Cool. Its great that it can deliver 60 mph of speed. It will be great to have this specially in places wherein pollution is damaging the city. Since there are a lot of countries that are increasing its sale in motorcycles since they are more affordable to purchase and maintain, this wont be such a bad purchase.

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