Honda Chopper

Do you remember the Pininfarina Coupe Concept we presented just a few days ago? Its designer, Peter Norris, has developed yet another amazing concept, but this time, it’s a motorcycle and not a car. His project is called the Honda Chopper and took its inspiration from a number of sources. It features clean functional lines of medical machinery, 70’s and 80’s marker drawings and design (such as Big Trak), and a bit of manga thrown in.

The new concept is a purpose-built chopper featuring a long front suspension, feet forward seating position, and a large footprint. Powering this chopper - like most of the other concepts revealed recently - are two small electric motors, one built into each wheel hub helping lower the center of gravity, improve efficiency, and lower emissions.

The bottom line is that this is a pretty impressive concept and since the inspiration behind the design is Star Wars, we expect many people to be able to appreciate its look.


Guess what, this is probably the kind of rides that those future bike gangsters would be using. It reallly does look very intimidating. All they need to add are those laser cannons.

Looks like one of those bikes that they used on those Power Rangers type of kiddie shows. But it is really very nice. Now if they would only get this one built.

Cool! It’s very unique than the other motorbike that I have seen before.
I like the way it made. The outerspace concept is one of the most impressive concept that I may say.

From its pictures, I remember a vehicle from the movie Tron. This Bike looks too futuristic at this time. I think this can hit the market at the next 2 to 3 years from now.

Indeed very cool, I hate the shape of the tire.
How do you get bank?
it sure banks wont.

Well, this is probably one of the coolest motorbike concept that I have seen lately. Just look at how well designed this one really is, especially the front section, which is totally unique.

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