Ice Valentino Rossi wins snow sculpture competition

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At the 14th snow sculpture competition held in Selva di Val Gardena, Italy, visitors got the chance to see “The Doctor” doing what it knows best despite the freezing temperatures outside.

This Valentino Rossi snow sculpture was created by snow artist Samuel Perathoner and brought him first place as the theme was "International Sports Personalities". The best part is that second place went to the creator of another Rossi sculpture, Matthias Kostner, which really shows how much Italians love their MotoGP star.

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Ice Valentino Rossi wins snow sculpture competition

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Cool I wonder how long it took Samuel to create this sculpture. I mean compare it to the man standing beside it, the piece of art is big. I wonder if it still stands till now. Well, it’s cold in that area so it wont be perhaps? Lol. I wonder if they discovered painting the sculpture.

Even on the ice Rossi wins he is the best.smiley

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