Igor Chak's 2015 Honda CB 750 Concept

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Believe it or not, this here is actually a 2015 Honda CB 750 concept bike, a machine that shares nothing with the original one which, by the way, we consider much better. Designed by Igor Chak, the concept drifts away from the simple technology and elegant design, but we’d still have nothing against it if, apart from the on-board computer with multi-touch display and four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine working with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the bike would have looked less like a…brick.

The designer claims infinite electronically tuning possibilities for almost every single feature of the bike (front and rear suspension, drive mode etc) with sensors show readouts updating every 1/10 seconds even while on the way, but what’s the point of the massive bodywork? Wasn’t this thing supposed to be at least a naked bike?

Igor Chak's 2015 Honda CB 750 Concept


It looks more like a sportbike but it looks great.smiley


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