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Harley Davidson has taken the wraps off its all new project. Named the Livewire, the new project represents Harley’s entrance into the world of electric bikes.
While many purists may consider this approach a blasphemy for the company’s heritage, many others look at it like a welcomed step forward in terms off efficiency and innovation.

The company says that its all new electric motorcycle will be available for test to select customers across the US. The US tour will cover 30 dealerships and it will be followed by Canada and Europe.

Harley added that at the moment, the new model is still in the project faze and won’t go into production, as its only purpose is to test the reaction of Harley’s customers across the world and to experiment with the new technology.

Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer, Harley-Davidson Motor Company declared “America at its best has always been about reinvention. And, like America, Harley-Davidson has reinvented itself many times in our history, with customers leading us every step of the way. Project LiveWire is another exciting, customer-led moment in our history.”

Levatich added: “This builds on many recent reinvention successes for Harley-Davidson. In just the last few years, we’ve broadened our reach to serve an increasingly diverse society, as well as reinvented our approach to product development and manufacturing. This has resulted in cutting-edge products like the recently launched Project Rushmore touring bikes, Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 models and this reveal of Project LiveWire.”

You can learn more about the project by visiting the dedicated site released by the company - .

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Meet the all new Erick Buell 1190SX which represents the company’s weapon for attacking the naked sport segment.

Featuring a sleek, aerodynamic style, the new Erick Buell 1190SX was fully revealed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (check the video).

There is no secret that the new Erick Buell 1190SX is based on the 1190RX super sport, featuring a naked configuration and a slightly modified engine which is easier to be kept in leash.

Even if the company has taken the wraps off its new model, the technical details are still limited and we can only guess the output of the bike’s detuned engine which should be somewhere around 160-170 hp. The torque should be also less strong than the 138 Nm offered by the SX and should reach its peak lower than the 8200 rpm mark.

From what we can see in the video, the new 1190 RX will keep the same permiter brakes, aluminum trellis rear subframe and silencer as its sibling.

As far as differences are concerned, the RX comes without the front brake air intakes found at its brother and there are also new wheels, a new handlebar and a fresh headlight.

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Erick Buell Racing (EBR) is back on track and after they revealed their stunning 1190 RX sport bike, the company has come back with a second model.

Unfortunately, for the moment, EBR didn’t reveal any specification for its new bike and all we have is a high resolution photo and a name.

Named the 1190 SX, the newcomer seems to be the naked version of the RX. Featuring an aggressive style, with sharp lines, edgy fenders and a modern headlight, the new 1190 SX seems to have all it needs to be a success.

Most likely, the SX will be propelled by the same engine as the RX, namely a 1190 cc, 72° V-twin, liquid cooled, four-stroke unit that puts out up to 101.6 ft-lbs. (137.8 Nm) of torque at 8200 rpm and 185 hp at 10,600 rpm.

Among the features offered by the new SX we could expect to find an aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir, an aluminum swingarm, front and rear disc brakes and Showa suspensions.

We don’t have any info about the price either, but don’t expect to be a huge difference compared to the 1190 RX which at the moment is priced at $18,995.

More details including official prices, specification and when it will be available in dealers will be provided in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more details.

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Ducati has finally released a series of official details regarding its all new Scrambler which will combine the retro style of the 60’s with the latest technologies developed by the Italian manufacturer.

The new motorcycle will arrive in 2015 and like it was expected, the details continue to be limited.

We do know however, that the bike has already taken shape because a prototype was presented to a few members of the Ducati “family” at a special event this week. The new motorcycle has been presented in a yellow container, but naturally there weren’t allowed any photos to be taken. Luckily, a short video presentation has been released which shows a few images of the upcoming model.

The new Ducati Scrambler will debut at the 2014 EICMA in early November in Milan, but if you want to keep a close eye on the bike you can follow the dedicated website that has been especially created for this model.

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Ariel Motor has prepared a big surprise for its fans. The company has revealed that they developed an all-new model which will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 26-29 June.

For the moment we don’t have many details about Ariel’s upcoming motorcycle, but we certainly now that it will be a performance cruiser.

Keeping it up with Ariel’s tradition, the new cruiser will be built after the individual requirements of its future owners, so there will be a wide range of accessories and tasty features to choose from.

Rumors say that the new model will borrow the Honda VFR1200’s engine, namely a liquid-cooled 1237 cc V4 which cranks out 170 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and a 129 Nm (95 lb-ft) of torque at 8.750 rpm. The engine will be paired with the same Dual Clutch transmission found in the VFR1200. Unfortunately we don’t know if the new model will borrow more parts from its donor, but we do hope that Ariel will come up with its own chassis and frame.

Stay tuned for more details.

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BMW is planning to launch a new range of motorcycles. According to the latest rumors, the first model that is expected to be launched by the German manufacturer will be a 350 cc enduro bike.

The new motorcycle will be produced in collaboration with the Indian company TVS and will be available both on the Indian and European markets.

Apart from the new enduro motorcycle, BMW will also launch a fresh naked model which will share many style elements with the R1200R and will be powered by a 500 cc unit.

We also know that the companies have already finished the first test bikes. However, for the moment, we don’t have the exact date of the launch, but we can expect them to arrive by the end of next year. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the models sold in Europe will have a BMW badge and the ones sold in India will come with a TVS badge.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Here are the first photos of the all-new Lightning LS-218. The new model is currently the fastest production electric motorcycle from the streets and was revealed at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in California.

Talking about their new creation, Richard Hatfield, Lightning’s CEO, stated: “Since 2006 the Lightning team has been dedicated to developing electric motorcycles that meet and exceed the performance of the best induction combustion engine alternatives. It is time for Lightning to take this race-proven technology to market and pursue our win in the market place. ‘This preview was to give the public an early view of LS-218 and its capabilities.”

Weighting only 495 lbs and equipped with the latest electric technologies in the business the new LS-218 is powered by a IPM liquid cooled 150kw+ 10,500 rpm electric motor that generates an equivalent of 200 hp and 168 ft/lbs of torque.

As far as batteries are concerned, the Lightning LS-218 is offered with a choice of three options including a 380V 12kwh, 380V 15kwh and 380V 20kwh units which offer a riding range of 100-180 miles per charge, depending on the model. The company claims that the batteries can charge in only an hour on a specialized charging point.

In terms of prices, the Lightning LS-218 is offered with a base price tag of $38,888.

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Every car enthusiast heard about the super fast Lightning GT which is one of the fastest electric cars from the streets, but not many know that the same company is also interested in building electric motorcycles.

Back in 2011, Lightning Motorcycle’s prototype has managed to hit an impressive maximum speed of 218 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. To celebrate this achieving, the company decided to name its new electric bike the LS-218.

The model that waits to be revealed, is an evolved, road legal version of the company’s motorcycle that won the AMA and FIM races. Fitted with a comprehensive list of state of the art technologies such as the company’s Ultra High Power Density Drive system and powered by a liquid-cooled electric motor, the Lightning LS-218 rewards you with a maximum output of 200 horsepower and 168 lb-ft (228 Nm) of torque which should make it the fastest electric bike in its class.

The motor is propelled by a modern battery pack which delivers a riding range of up to 160 km at highway speeds. Like it was expected, the batteries can be fully charged at public charging station in less than 30 minutes, but they can be also connected to any standard house socket.

The new electric bike is already available for preorders and will make its public appearance at the Quail Motorsport Gathering in Carmel on 17 May. The base price starts at $38.888.

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Stefano Ceppi is a talented Italian designer who loves to create unique products and vehicles. Its latest creation is a redesigned Aprilia SXV supermoto which draws inspiration from the animal kingdom. Ceppi’s design approach is based on the animal anatomy and borrows many elements from the felines, especially the lion.

Mr. Stefano Ceppi choose the lion because it is Aprilia’s symbol and is also an historical symbol of the ancient and powerful Republic of Venice which is the company’s birthplace.

Featuring sleek lines and an agile stance, Ceppi’s Aprilia SXV Lionhead inspires agility, power and respect - three traits that are common among the feline species.

The front of the concept was designed using many elements borrowed from a lion head, while the fuel tank is inspired by the muscle fibres of the animal’s shoulders. The tank features carbon fibre inserts and a tasty mix of lines and colors which mirror the white and red muscle fibres.

While the front of the bike was completely modified, the rear received only minor adjustments remaining pretty similar with the original SXV style.

The riding position is slightly more aggressive than the original model. The seat is a bit longer to allow the rider to seat an aerodynamic racing position, but also shaped and canted forward just enough to give real control over the bike if seated in a traditional position.

This concept was highly appreciated by Mr. Marco Lambri, Senior Vice President of Vehicle Design Centre, Product Development and Strategies of Piaggio Group.

Stefano could’t bring the project to life without the help of "Hexagon Metrology - Cardiff Racing" for the basic Aprilia 3D engine point scanning and Camka for some 3d data for the front fork.

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Yamaha’s new electric bikes – the PES1 and PED1 - that were presented a while ago have managed to attract a lot of attention in a good way. After the company showcased its new creations everybody wondered what will be the next move and if Yamaha will truly enter in the race of electric bikes.

Luckily, we didn’t had to wait too long for the company’s official response, as now we gladly announce you that the Japanese manufacturer has decided to launch its two electric bikes in production and the first models will be ready to meet their fresh owners by 2016.

The PES1 is destined for the road and the PED1 has the pedigree of a true off roader. Both models have been showcase at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and represent a very bold step forward in an uncharted territory for Yamaha.

Both bikes are built on the same platform and are equipped with brushless DC engines powered by a pack of lithium-ion batteries.

Stay tuned for more details.

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