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Local Motors is a relatively new company specialized on automotive design and technology and its purpose is to create unique and innovative vehicles. A while ago, the company amazed the automotive media with its capableRally Fighter , a sporty off road vehicle powered by a 6.2-liter V-8 that goes head to head with models like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

Luckily the company didn’t stop there and its newest project is a custom motorcycle named the Racer.

The new custom bike has a pretty interesting story. To start this project Local Motors organized the Custom Motorcycle Design Challenge with Justin and Jarrod Del Prado of Arizona-based DP Custom Cycles.

The challenge was to invite a wide range of designers to come up with their version of a customized 2000-2003 Harley Davidson Sportster.

More than 2,400 files were submitted for evaluation and the winner was the DP Racer designed by Andre Costa of Portugal.

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BMW’s motorcycles are certainly fast, but San Diego BMW Motorcycles wanted to see exactly how high they can raise the bar. Therefore, helped by Shane Kinderis, owner of Alpine Performance in Australia, they’ve tweaked the motorcycle’s water-cooled, 4-stroke in-line, four-cylinder-engine to make it crank out 220 hp (the stock unit delivers a maximum output of 193 hp). Besides the pumped up engine, the motorcycle has also received a new fairing for improved aerodynamics created by Mike Verdugo of Catalyst Composites in Escondido, CA.

After all the modifications were finished, the motorcycle was left on the hands of Erin Hunter and Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing, two high speed riders with a huge experience in Landspeed Racing competitions.

The modified BMW S 1000 RR was unleashed on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah and has managed to hit a maximum speed of 224,190 miles per hour on Friday, August 16 2013, thus becoming the fastest motorcycle in BMW’s history.

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The guys from HUSZ have decided to modify the Suzuki Savage and the end result is quite impressive. Their take on the motorcycle looks significantly more aggressive than the stock model and we especially like how HUSZ managed to change the motorcycle’s appearance without losing its Suzuki spirit.

The guys from HUSZ have ditched a lot of unnecessary parts to put more accent on the bikes 650cc engine. The motorcycle has also received a smaller fuel tank built and other important custom parts include the Biltwell handles, a new seat, a unique rear disc wheel and RYCA filters and jets.

The original rear fender was entirely removed in favor of a fresh one that further enhances the aggressive look of the motorcycle. The front fender is also gone and the front round headlight was replaced by a rectangular unit.

But the best part of this custom bike is by far its low price tag which is rated at only €3,500 ($4,6470).

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The Yamaha Virago didn’t manage to impress many riders with its dull look, but this doesn’t mean that the bike doesn’t have a lot of potential if it meets the right tuner.

Therefore, after receiving a touch of magic from Classified Moto, the stock Yamaha Virago gained a totally fresh appearance and a more aggressive character.

The guys from Classified Moto don’t play when it comes to modifying bikes, so they went on and completely modified the motorcycle from the ground up.

The most important modifications include the aggressive rear end conversion and the Classified’s signature front-end swap.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that Virago’s DNA has received influences from some of its sportiest siblings. Therefore, the fork was borrowed from a 2009 Yamaha YZF R6-R (with a modified triple tree and upgraded bearings) while the rear suspension came from a 2008 YZF R6-S. Moreover, the front wheel was “stolen” from an R6-R while the rear one came from an R6-S.

There is also a Triumph Daytona adjustable shock, so in terms of on road performances the custom Yamaha XV920R has all it needs to deal great with anything you throw at it.

Other modifications include the chopped rear section of the subframe, a custom solo seat, a conical high-flow air filter and custom exhaust lines and silencers. The bike’s vital stats are now displayed on a single-piece multi-function digital gauge.

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The Triumph Speed Triple 1050 has received a technical surgery from FCR and comes with a set of unique features that give it a more aggressive stance.

For the starters, the tuner decided to ditch the original headlight in favor of a V-Rod-type headlight to enhance the imposing stance of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle needed a completely new paint scheme so FCR came up with a tasty blue and white combination. Talking about paint, we also need to send a shout at the catchy UK flag painted on the tail.

To give the motorcycle and even more aggressive character, the guys from FCR have also fully redesigned the entire front end structure. You also get a fresh instrument cluster, golden mirrors and a custom rear rim which is painted in gold.

FCR has also used a lot of parts from LSL and Rizoma such as the hand and foot controls.

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Suzuki has officially announced that its 50th anniversary 2014 GSX-R1000 SE will be available on the US market. The special edition GSX-R1000 is produced in a limited number of only 100 units and 50% of them will be sold in the US dealerships.

The motorcycle comes with a comprehensive list of special features which give it a pretty unique character. Among them you’ll find a polished chrome-plated frame, anodized blue accents and two-tone chrome rims with blue spokes. You also get a blue anodized outer fork tubes and a blue colored fuel cap.

More blue can be found on the clutch cover, rear shock spring, the generator cover and engine sprocket cover. Moreover, the drive chain, the headlight inner and seat are also blue coated.

To give the motorcycle an even more exclusivist character, Suzuki equipped it with a special speedometer panel design, a serial number plate and a special key fob.

For the moment Suzuki didn’t revealed the motorcycle’s price.

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The Suzuki Hayabusa is a sporty machine especially created for speed-hungry riders. Its standard specs are impressive and once you’ll unleash it on the track it will instantly prove you that is one of the fastest commercially-available bikes from today’s market.

However, it seems like its aggressive character didn’t impress the guys from FCR, which decided that this Japanese monster needs some extra power.

Therefore, they’ve decided to add a NOS boost to the bike which raises the Hayabusa’s acceleration to mind blowing speeds.

Their new creation is named the 1240 Hayabusa NOS and apart from the NOS boost system it also comes with completely new bodywork and a few technical tweaks.

In terms of style, the motorcycle comes with a more aggressive fairing and its paint scheme is dominated by a mate black color which is combined with a few dark red accents. The motorcycle’s unique look is further enhanced by a set of stylish red chrome Mirra rims.

To be able to resist to the extra boost of power, the stock Hayabusa needed a whole new rear. So, the entire rear including the subframe and rear cowl was redeveloped in-house by FCR. The NOS boost’s steel tank was also custom made to fit the Hayabusa.
The guys from FCR have finished the jump by throwing a high-performance trumpet-style Muzzy exhaust into the mix.

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The Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (also known as ZX-10R or Ninja ZX-6R) is one of the most wanted super sport motorcycles and many riders love to customize their beauties with various accessories.

One of the latest accessories especially developed for the Ninja comes from Hotbodies, a company specialized on designing aftermarket parts for motorcycles.

Their latest creation is a fender eliminator kit which makes the bike look even sportier. The fender eliminators are made of ABS and come in two style versions namely gloss black or textured black. It is also worthy of being mentioned that they come with a license plate bracket with LED lighting.

To be easy to install on the motorcycle the kits were designed to be a direct replacement of the original mud flaps, and use the same existing mounting points.

The new fender eliminator kit for the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 can be yours for only $50.

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Sturgis was a big center of attraction for bikers and motorcycle lovers, as it hosted the 73rd Annual Motorcycle Rally.

As the place was crowded with motorcycles fans, Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC thought that it is the perfect place to show up their new Signature Series seat.

The Signature Series seat was fitted on a custom motorcycle built by Dave Perewitz.

Talking about their collaboration with Perewitz, Mustang’s Product Manager Matt Kulman said “There is no mistaking a bike built by Perewitz…just as there is no mistaking this seat. Perewitz knows style, Mustang knows comfort and together we make a pretty good team!”

With this occasion, Mustang has also organized a small contest for its fans and the winner will be drawn from the entry box at the end of the Rally. The prize offered by Mustang is either a studded or a standard Journey Bag. The bag was designed with practicality in mind and features three side compartments. It offers a volume of 3,744 cubic inches and measures 18” tall x 14” deep x 20” wide.

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BMW and Dainese have recently announced that they will work together to develop a new motorcycle suit with integrated airbags named the D-Air. The companies didn’t release too many details about their project but we found an interesting video that shows their suit in action.

We also know that the new suits will be available for both race track and street riders and promise to enhance the rider’s safety during harsh accidents.

Dainese said that its new airbags system integrated into the suit is able to deploy in only 45 ms. To prove this fact the company has released an official video from ADAC where we can see their innovative suit in action.

The idea of a motorcycle suit with integrated airbags is not new, as a similar product signed by Alpinestars is already being used in races.

Though Dainese’s model promises to be more efficient and safe than the one built by their rivals, but until we don’t see the end result we can’t give any certain verdict on the matter.

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