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Volkswagen is not currently building any motorcycle, but this doesn’t mean that motorcycle riders aren’t among its concerns.

The company has recently launched a commercial video to promote its new Side Assist Safety Technology which is a smart system designed to reduce the number of crashes caused by drivers who don’t check their mirrors with maximum attention before changing lanes.

Statistics say that motorcycle riders are usually the most affected road users by this lack of attention, so there is no wonder why Volkswagen decided to use them as an example.

This new technology uses a set of small leds placed on the mirror to announce the driver that it is not safe to change the lanes. Moreover, apart from the visual signal, the system also sends an audio alarm just to be sure that the driver gets the message.

Like any safety system, this technology is welcomed and we think that it can improve dramatically the safety of riders.

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When it comes to maxi scoters, BMW is certainly among the top manufacturers from the market. The company’s marketing crew decided to make their C600 sports scooter even more appealing to the public and came up with two special editions.

The new limited editions are inspired by the inspired by the German Touring Car (DTM) race series.

The first version comes in matt black and is called Spengler Edition. It is painted in the colors of the car drove by Bruno Spengler, the Canadian pilot who is dominating the DTM. The scooter’s saddle comes with a set of red and blue ornaments. while the rear shock’s spring is painted in white.

The second version is named the Tomcyzk Edition and its dominant color is Alpine White. This model is homage to the pilot Tomcyzk Martin, BMW Team RMG, DTM champion in 2011.

Each model is available in only 99 units and both come with Akrapovic exhausts, custom seats, short tinted screens and an individual number plate.

Unfortunately both scooters are only available on the German market.

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, Reevu is one of the most innovative manufacturers. The company is known for its famous, high tech helmets with built-in rear viewers and now has an even bigger surprise for us.

Its new product is a modern helmet with an integrated head-up display that looks like a piece of gear borrowed from a sci-fi movie.

The digital display is integrated into the top of the visor and keeps you posted on vital stats such as engine RPMs, speed, sat-nav directions or sector split times and lap times.

Unfortunately the company didn’t’ reveal too many information about its futuristic helmet, but it seems to be using a technology called the “multiple reflective optical system” that won’t disturb the rider’s eyes in any way.

The solution found by Reevu is welcomed, as one of the most common causes of accidents is that the riders didn’t look where they were going. That lapse of attention created by the moment when one wants to check his speed or tachometer could transform into a disaster.

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The safety of motorcycle riders has always been a big concerned for the big manufacturers. But regardless of how advanced are the safety features of a motorcycle, everything is useless if the rider is falling off its bike and meets the tough tarmac.

This is why BMW Motorrad has decided to try an innovative solution to improve the safety of riders. Therefore, the German Manufacturer is co-developing a modern rider suit with Dainese. The big news however, is the fact that the suit will feature airbags that deploy in 15 miliseconds.

This technology will be used for a one-piece racing suit named the DoubleR RaceAir. The company says that this innovative technology will be also available to street rides pretty soon.

Currently the DoubleR RaceAir is under tests and BMW Motorrad hopes to reveal it at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in November.

The safety suit won’t be the only product born from BMW Motorrad and Dainese cooperation as the two companies decided to stay together and develop more safety gear for riders.

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When Burt Munro’s achievement to break the land-speed record for under-1,000-cc bikes on a 1920 Indian Scout streamliner was seen in the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”, the New Zealander has instantly won a lot of fans and become a big celebrity among motor enthusiasts.

To pay a tribute to this special man and in anticipation of the upcoming reveal of the new Indian Chief, Indian revealed “The Spirit of Munro” – a custom streamliner powered by the all-new Thunder Stroke 111 engine. This unique vehicle was ridden by Todd Eagan on a Californian dry lake bed and was built by Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal & Speed in Long Beach, California.

For more details read the official information bellow:

"Between the years of 1926 and 1961, one man from a small town in New Zealand dreamed of setting a land speed record on a 1920 Indian Scout. In 1962 at the Bonneville salt flats that man’s dream finally came true.

To honor the past and power the future, Indian Motorcycle built the Spirit of Munro, an all-metal tribute bike which would house the new Thunder Stroke 111™ engine. On May 5, 2013 the bike was run on a dry lake bed in California. A tribute to the great Burt Munro, and a celebration of the Indian Motorcycle that is yet to come.
Fully custom-built, the Spirit of Munro is an all-metal tribute to the racers and mechanics throughout history who have collectively built the legacy of record-breaking racing performance and strength that is Indian Motorcycle.

The motorcycle is named in honor of Burt Munro’s “Munro Special,” the historic 1920 Indian Scout that broke the under-1000cc land-speed record in 1967 at the Bonneville Salt Flats as famously portrayed in the motion picture “The World’s Fastest Indian.”

The Spirit of Munro was constructed by Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and Speed in Long Beach, CA. It was designed from the ground up to house the new Thunder Stroke 111™ engine and showcase its awe-inspiring power and performance."

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The guys from Bell Helmets have finally revealed their new Rogue helmet aimed at the cruiser riders. Like any standard helmet the new Rogue was built to guard against the elements. However, what makes it so special is the fact that it has the looks of a half helmet with the comfort of a 3/4. Technically it is a half helmet paired with an adjustable and removable muzzle.

Due to its unique design, the helmet is definitely not for everyone, but we’ll have to admit that it looks quite cool. The new Rogue is made of a lightweight composite shell with an “ultra-comfortable interior”, magnetic locks and integrated speaker pockets.

The new Bell Rogue is priced at $ 249.95, is available in 3 shell sizes and comes with a five year warranty. The available colors include Gunny, Black, Army Green and Matte Black.

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Many consider that electricity holds the key for the future of cars and motorcycles. And there is no wonder why, since the electric technologies offer a lot of advantages, the biggest one being that they are more efficient than any type of combustion engine.

The Frog eBike is one of the newest electric concepts and besides its efficiency is also fully recyclable. The concept was penned by Jin Soek Hwang and features a futuristic design language. Unfortunately we don’t have any engine specifications so we don’t know if the bike is as capable as its sporty design suggests.

Though, we know that the Frog eBike is equipped with monoshock suspension for the rear wheel and comes with a unique digital cluster. We also know that the electric motor is placed in the back tire while, the battery pack is placed beneath the chassis.

The Frog eBike Concept draws inspiration from the Yamaha FZ750 and has been displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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The big motorcycle manufacturers are constantly searching for innovative technologies to improve their models. The latest trend is represented by the electric power trains, so there is no wonder why Husqvarna decided to develop the E-Go Concept.

The concept was designed as a super efficient dirt bike and features a pretty simple style. The company didn’t revealed many details about its new concept, but we do know that it’s powered an electric motor. We also know that it weighs 176 pounds and is packed with a set of innovative suspensions. When we say innovative we mean that both suspension tubes are mounted on the right side of the wheel and feature 35mm inner fork tubes.

The E-go Concept’s style is reflecting the Husqvarna brand identity and features a sporty combination of red and white colors.

For the moment, we don’t know if Husqvarna is planning to launch an electric motorcycle, but judging by their new concept we certainly hope they do.

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Honda decided to add a few upgrades to its sporty VFR1200F. The 2013 version keeps the same big capacity, 1236cc 4-cilinder OHC 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine, but Honda added a few tweaks to improve its performance and make it more efficient and refined. After the upgrades, the engine is able to deliver a maximum output of 111 hp at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm of torque at 5500rpm.

Apart from the improved engine, the fuel tank capacity has also received some attention and its capacity been increased from 18 liter to 19 liter. The new bike is also fitted with a fresh instrument panel which displays information about the distance, fuel, efficiency and speed.

The 2013 Honda VFR1200F is offered in two variants, namely the VFR standard and VFR DCH (Dual Clutch Transmission). The most important difference between these two models is their efficiency. The VFR model, can ride a distance of 22, 5 km using one liter of fuel, while the VFR DCH travels 24 km using the same amount of fuel.

As far as pricing goes, the VFR1200F costs $20.000 and the VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission is priced at $23.000.

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Yamaha is working on its first electric bike and has already revealed the first details. The new model has the potential to raise the standards of e-bikes higher than ever as it could be the first one that shows how stability and efficiency can be joined together in one motorcycle.

The new Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept uses two wheels in the back and one wheel on the front, so we can expect to perfect balance and stability. The company says that the concept was designed especially for women and puts safety and ergonomics on the first place.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept can be recharged using the same G-Station charging stations used by any regular electric motorcycle. The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept is also equipped with Wi-Fi capability which will help the riders use smartphone-based navigation and telematics services.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept has made its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2011.

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