ISDE: day one results

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Due to an official timing error the provisional results for day one were incorrect. The official International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) results for day one are:

World Trophy Team Positions:

1. France; 2. Finland, 34 seconds behind the leader; 3. Spain, 2m32s; 4. Australia, 3m25s; 5. Italy, 3m29s; 6. Sweden, 3m52s; 7. New Zealand, 4m19s; 8. Netherlands, 7m41s; 9. Poland, 8m23s; 10. Great Britain 9m15s.

Junior Trophy Team Positions (under 23 years)

1. France; 2. USA, 16 seconds behind the leader; 3. Australia, 56s; 4. Germany, 1m04s; 5. Finland, 1m05s; 6. Spain, 1m51s; 7. Italy, 2m02s; 8. Great Britain, 2m07s; 9. Netherlands, 3m25s; 10. New Zealand, 4m25s.

Taupo is currently experiencing rain, making for slippery riding conditions, which is expected to make the ISDE even tougher for all competing riders as they kick off day two.

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