Jaguar bike has finished being bolted on

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A few months ago we would have presented to you the first pictures of a Jaguar motorcycle together with the little information we had on it at that time. The pictures, which were taken during production, said pretty much all about the bike then, but you can get up to date as the bike is now finished and presented to the public.

Called the Leaper bike, it clearly combines the English car manufacturer’s logo with a motorcycle. The innovative idea belongs to Barend Hemmes, but the project was undergone with the help of Polar Cycles in South Yorkshire.

Mr Hemmes, an interior designer aged 36 said he came up with the idea when doodling in the office and that the artistic part consisting in the fiberglass bodywork was made by him, together with a sculptor.

In order for this cat to purr as good as it looks the guys at South Yorkshire used parts of a classic 1,200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt bought off eBay. The V-Twin engine manages to power it up to a top speed of 50mph which isn’t impressive at all, but makes it easier for admirers to get a first glance when it rolls through urban jungle.

Jaguar bike has finished being bolted on
Jaguar bike has finished being bolted on


Good to see the Jaguar bolted with the engine is a wicked Jaguarmotobike.smiley

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