Jeremy Clarkson getting into sense…on a scooter

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Advise: If you’re heard saying “I’m not scared of bikers. If they crash into my car, they crumple and I go home” or, also referring to bikers “One day I will silence them by stretching a piece of cheese wire across the road”, it isn’t quite recommended to be spotted riding a two-wheeled vehicle, isn’t it? The mastermind behind these actions is Jeremy Clarkson’s, presenter of Top Gear car BBC show and declared hater of motorcycles.

The thing is that this picture not only shows him agreeing with the simplest, cheapest and most convenient form of transportation, but also makes him a total woos. A speed addict finds his way to motorcycling…on a Vespa scooter equipped with red gloves and protective glasses?

He even uses a communication kit that allows him to talk at its mobile phone while riding, something that tells us that he’s been doing this for a while. At least it won’t get caught speeding and talking at the cell phone in the same time.

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