Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rat bike

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Nobody would want to see an “Altered Rat” unless it’s the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R special owned by Brian Johnson, who is a big fan of the rat bike style. The bike was done in the Altered Chrome Garage using the company’s own parts and it is the only one of its kind that we’ve seen so far.

We have to admit that this is truly an original idea and, in the end, what’s not to like about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This thing is like a rolling advert for junkyards, but don’t be fooled in thinking it’s a piece of crap. Imagine seeing this thing pass next to you doing 150mph.


To be honest it’s my first time to see a rat bike, and I must say that I’m so impressed with it and if the rust of it was really real I can say that it adds more appeal on it, and I have to agree that the wheels really look so massive.

Look at those wheels, their massive. And are those rust real?...

This rat bike is more like a dragrace rat bike.

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