Kawasaki Z1000 A by WrenchMonkees

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WrenchMonkees clearly has a passion for bringing old classic roadsters back to a new kind of glory by using a few tricks that they have in their sleeves. For instance, this Kawasaki Z1000 A now benefits of 105 hp as a result of installing a 1075cc Wiseco piston kit to the original motor, which is now fed by Z1000 J carburetors and filters air using K&N pieces.

The Copenhagen-based custom builder has the tendency to turn every bike into a café racer and this one looks, sounds and we reckon it performs as one too. Most likely, the sports bike front suspension and custom rear shocks also bring a major contribution to what looks to be a very angry piece of machinery.

Stylistically, the WM fingerprint is left by the all-new tail and seat as well as by the custom paintjob. Ride this bike like you stole it and people will believe you actually did simply because they would have probably done the same thing if they were you.

Kawasaki Z1000 A by WrenchMonkees

Kawasaki Z1000 A

Z1000 A engine, 1075 ccm Wiseco piston kit. Z 1000 J carburators, K&N filters.
Exhaust heat wrap. Aprox 105 HP.
43 mm up-sidedown front fork. Aluminum swingarm. Wilbers rear shocks.
3.50 x 17 front - 5.50 x 17 rear. Off-set front sprocket - 530 chain conversion.
Brembo front brakemaster. ABM steelbraided brakehoses.
 Supertrapp muffler.
WM tailunit. WM seat. WM sidecovers. WM wirering harness. WM custom paint.

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