Kawasaki Z1000 A café racer by WrenchMonkees

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Copenhagen-based custom motorcycle builder WrenchMonkees brings Japanese power to the world of café racers with their Monkee number 2. Although it started life as a Kawasaki Z1000 A, there’s little left of the original bike, not even the engine. This was replaced with that of a Z1000 J model, which was upgraded to around 110-115 hp by fitting a 1075cc Wiseco piston kit.

The café racer image was achieved with the use of a Norton fuel tank and a Ducati Monster headlight while the rest of the body parts, but also the mufflers, LED rear light and even the custom paint wear the WM fingerprint.

We can’t help but think about the uncomfortable riding position, read the specs again and appreciate the fact that it has a big engine as well as a retro look until finally reaching to the conclusion that this may very well be something that our favorite Hollywood star would ride to the studios everyday.

Kawasaki Z1000 A café racer by WrenchMonkees

Kawasaki Z 1000 A

Z 1000 J engine, 1075 ccm Wiseco piston kit. Mikuni RS 34 flatslide carburators,
K&N filters. Exhaust heat wrap. Aprox 110-115 HP.
45 mm frontfork. Aluminium swingarm. Wilbers rear shocks.
3.50 x 17 front - 5.50 rear. Off-set front sprocket - 530 chain conversion.
ABM steelbraided brakehoses.
WM tailunit. WM seat. WM fairing WM aluminum CNC yokes /tripletrees.
WM front fender. WM wirering harness. WM rearlight, LED. WM custom paint.
WM megatron mufflers. WM grips.
Norton aluminum tank. Ducati Monster headlight.


Good old skool racing bike I would like to ride this Z1000 racer.

Man! It would be fun to growl that racer around a track or backroad

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