Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept

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Very often, those who are passionate about motorcycles are into exotic cars too, but we rarely get to see a product (or at least a concept) that would catch the best of both worlds. This Lamborghini motorcycle concept is a homage brought to the Italian manufacturer of some of the most exclusive cars on the planet.

Although we can’t get decide what Lamborghini model it stands for best (we do require your help in this concern), it is impossibly not to be hooked up by the hubless wheels and extremely low height of this chopper. It clearly reveals the hand of an experienced designer…actually two. Called “The Zeus is Loose” Tesla, this stunning creation is the work of chief designer of Bertone, Marcello Gandini, in collaboration with designer Flavio Adriani.

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Hey everybody! I’ve found what batman is gonna ride in the third installment! THIS BIKE IS LEGENDARY!!!

This Concept should be for the Ghost Rider.

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