Last Buell leaves production line

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Buell’s East Troy, Wisconsin production line has today delivered the 136,923rd and last motorcycle, this Buell Lightning XB12Scg . The company‚Äôs 26 years of operation end today after Harley-Davidson announced the discontinuing of Buell a month ago.


Why didnt HD drop some of its own crappy line and leave Buell alone! HD-----You Blow

Yes It’s sad Buell is gone, It’s sad when any MC Company come to the end of it’s road. But like Norton and BSA there will be diehard riders keeping there Buell’s in fine shape for years to come. For all of us to enjoy every time we see one on the road or at a event.

The people at Buell ought to be proud of what they managed to accomplish over 26 years. Sad day for motorcycling. I have to say how disgusted we all should be with the (mis)Management team at Harley Davidson. Like so many other teams of American executives, they’ve managed to run their once great company into the ground. Shame.

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