Lawnmower scooter concept

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Designer Vicky Petihovski is the brains behind this lawnmower scooter concept that we find rather interesting for bringing in the satisfaction factor where before it was just boring work with a conventional lawnmower.

The ride-on mower is powered by a small electric motor, which also activates the grass-cutting blades, so users can enjoy their lawn ride and get the chore done with the least of effort. It sure beats a conventional lawnmower, but we have a hunch this thing requires several recharges until the whole garden is picnic-ready.

Source: gizmodo

Lawnmower scooter concept


The idea of removing grasses will be fun. Even a kid would want to try this they will think its a toy. The designer must be a fun loving person for her to come up with this kind of design.

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