Lazareth Wazuma quad gets BMW V12 engine and BIO fuel

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In the attempt to make it possible for vehicles to benefit of more power (sometimes in huge quantities) motorbike/trike makers end up adding an extra wheel, for more stability. But how do you call something that has four wheels, a 500 bhp BMW V12 engine that runs on bio-ethanol, and yet is rode like a veritable motorcycle?

Apparently, we will have to settle with talking about the Lazareth Wazuma as being a quad with French origins and an absolutely mind-blowing $284,000 price tag.

After the jump, see a beautiful video courtesy of MotoRevue.


Same here, I am actually convinced that this one should also consider as a motorcycle. I’m not really impressed with the design but actually upon watching the clip on this thread, it’s very cool and adventurous.

I wonder how it would compete against other bikes or cars.

Now this a great powerful Squad Atv I would to have a go on this Atv is too bad the price is high.

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