Magnetic powered front-wheel drive concept bike

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When it comes to the future’s green bikes, the main trend seems to be towards electric power, comfort and practicability. While this concept bike designed by Nicholas Holland is anything but comfortable or practical, it does shine in the alternative energy chapter as the whole brilliancy of it spins around the idea of having an intense magnetic field (which is highly energy efficient as it reduces friction) produced by the giant loop passing through the front wheel. Apart from spinning the wheel and setting the bike in motion, the magnetic field also rotates the axis when steering.

Considering that it was designed as an urban commuting vehicle, this concept bike looks a bit too complicated, but as long as it makes everyone look like Batman’s sidekicks it’s ok with us.

Source: tuvie

Magnetic powered front-wheel drive concept bike
Magnetic powered front-wheel drive concept bike


That is a one weird concept for a bike. I mean where in the world will the driver seat? Which one is the front and the rear? Where are the controls? Is it meant for humans or is it meant for robots or something. Lol. It is going to be really interesting to see on where this is going. But as to what happens to most concept rides, they don’t go into production and they just stay as concepts. What a waste of good imagination.

Interesting enough, but where does the rider go?

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