Megan Fox is men's favorite bike passenger

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After playing the daughter of a custom motorcycle builder in the movie Transformers, Megan Fox can also brag about recently being voted the most popular female bike passenger in a poll conducted by a British insurance company called Swinton.

More than 1000 riders were asked to vote and the conclusion is that “men are quite fickle when it comes to their favorite celebrity women,” said Antony Aronin, head of their motorcycle insurance division.

Gemma Atkinson turned out to be the second favorite bike passenger and Jessica Alba occupies third place in the preferences of British riders.

Source: MCN


What the survey’s says must be true! Megan Fox is also my choice. However, it’s too sad that she is not included in the next movie of Transformer, but still I’m going to watch this movie.

yeah, if Megan fox is actually your passenger can you concentrate on the road?hehe

Megan fox? be a fox for me..hehe

Megan is my favourite too.smiley

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