Metalback café racer concept runs on biodiesel

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Café racing motorcycles may be acknowledged as the first ever sports bikes and even new ones are built in strict accordance with the original style, which is cool, but when it comes to the future something has to change. This concept bike right here is a good way to do so. Called the Metalback, it was designed by Jordan Meadows, who has thought at combining the original look of café racers with that of vintage WW2 fighter planes in order to achieve this.

The thing is supposed to be powered by a V4 diesel engine burning biodiesel, meaning that fuel efficiency – not just power and torque – was taken into consideration, not to mention anything about the recycled aluminum frame and bodywork.

Source: automotto
Metalback café racer concept runs on biodiesel
Metalback café racer concept runs on biodiesel


I’ve been watching a Rider series in Japanese version since I was a kid and imagine this one as one of those cool rider bikes. The future is within the bike. The body work is even greater.

The future would be nice if this is what the cafe race bikes would look like great concept.smiley

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