Monster 696 Open Week

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Source: Ducati

Ducati will dedicate a whole week to its new Monster 696 model starting the 10th of May and ending on the 17th. As it was named, the “Open Week”, plans on being the best opportunity for fans to try the new naked bike, going from the nearest dealer among those members.

Even though completely redesigned and reengineered, the Monster 696 manages to retain its unique look, character and feel that have had the defining role in its great presence on the world’s market along these years.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first flight to Italy and make sure to be there on the 10th of May when Casa Ducati will have the joy of putting its last model at the potential customer’s disposal in over 50 piazzas.

More informations, including the official list of dealers participating in the initiative are on the official site

Monster 696 Open Week
Monster 696 Open Week

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