Motorcycle calendar girl is Tiger Woods's favorite

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We do not know if Tiger Woods found out about his future mistress, Holly Sampson, when buying a motorcycle calendar or watching a porn movie, but we do know that Woods doesn’t have bad tastes at all as it is reported that the hottie talked about her affair with the multiple championship-winning golfer on a web radio station in May. But with the recent controversy created around the legendary golf player’s personal life, the case has only now got the attention of tabloids around the world. These say the 36-year-old Holly Sampson is the seventh woman to confess about her sexual relations with Tiger Woods.

While we’re in no position to criticize anyone, we can’t help but notice that motorcycle calendar girls are not for everyone.

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This thing already happened in the passed, and I will comment any further its their life anyway.

yeah, he has a good taste but I’m not going to tolerate him or what he does for hi "legal" wife.

she looks lovely in that angle.smiley

super hot girl

She looks sexy on Biaggis sterilgarda ducati.smiley

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