Motorcycle of the Future concept becomes Swann Insurance Motorcycle

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Every rider knows how frustrating tipping the bike over can be, but with technology coming strong from behind it seems that things will relatively soon look like an easy fix and not result into an outrageous service bill.

Although motorcycling fans are familiar with the concept as it was presented by Casey Stoner more than five months ago, not many people knows how close they are of actually riding an exemplar. Swan Insurance decided to sponsor the project designed by Tim Cameron, one of Australia’s leading independent motorcycle design consultants so things couldn’t have evolved better for the concept.

Motorcycle of the Future concept becomes Swann Insurance Motorcycle

New for the industry and truly impressive is the Ablative Design (frame rail cover, two-piece detachable engine cover, muffler heat shield, handlebar end cap, two-piece mudguard, just to mention a few) having the goal of reducing damage to the motorcycle when involved in a low-speed crash. For that purpose, the bike’s main elements (engine, frame, forks) were reinforced and ingeniously conceived in order to leave the bike able to be lifted up and continue the trip on its wheels.

Not only extremely well protected and 40% cheaper to fix than a regular motorcycle, the Swann bike also incorporates warning sensors, anti-lock brakes, traction control, tyre pressure warning and hill start assistance.

Even so, no matter what the bike is equipped with, if the rider doesn’t use its brain (something that happens very often) the sensors will mean nothing. Riders who will buy the bike already prove conscious so they will do well on any other. That is if they are not gadget freaks.

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