Motorcycle video of the day: ZX-R 400 vs R1 vs GSX-R 750 vs RSV 1000

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Here’s a lesson that all of us could take: it’s the rider not the bike that makes the difference and you can have a blast on a mid-size motorcycle too. To convince you, here’s a video where a Kawasaki ZX-R ...400 competes against three other bikes but the weird thing is that the 400cc is far from its place in this pile of cubic centimeters and watts.

Before you watch this video I must remind you that the 400cc has a maximum power output around 57HP while the other three at least three times more.


yes I like the run and the bikes
the greatest different is the driver
easy to focus on the size bike
and not the talents and skill of
the one do the run,,
well I would like to find a good track there I can develop my poor skill..
wish you all my best
smile and be happy
regards from

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