MV Agusta Brutale Hydrogen

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Source: MV Agusta

MV Agusta and fashion go hand in hand. A new exciting way of expressing your individuality. Thanks to its partnership with the exclusive Hydrogen clothing company, the Brutale range of clothing items now admits enthusiasts into the world of fashion.

Hydrogen is a new generation company and offers a new look with an aggressive product line, just like MV Agusta motorcycles. Hydrogen is one of the leading brand names in luxury sportswear and its products are only to be found in the most prestigious boutiques in Italy and around the world.

MV Agusta Brutale Hydrogen

The logos on the Brutale symbolise Hydrogen’s strong points; the desire to succeed and to become the first company in the world of fashion to have the courage to participate in a co-branding exercise with the most exclusive motor cycle company in the world. In fact, this collaborative effort with the MV Agusta Group began a few years ago with the creation of the limited edition collection for the Brutale and F4. Now, for the first time, MV Agusta has changed roles and designed a special motorcycle in a limited edition of 100 for the clothing company. These machines can be bought at official MV Agusta dealerships or ordered at or at the 10 most prestigious clothing boutiques in Italy.

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