New Classic Electra

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News from Royal Enfield USA

"Just released to our dealers and our StoreREadership, this kitis a very sweet deal we’ve been working on! 

We can now offer a stunning "Classic" model of the Electra.

This is a version of the Contest bike we displayed in last month’s RE Community Newsletter. I think it will resolve whatever issues some customers have with the Electra’s more contemporary 1970’s styling. Successful in Europe, it effectively teams the great mechanics of the Electra with the vintage ambience of the Classic Enfields.

New Classic Electra

The Classic Electra is our stock Electra modified to include a new andhandsome tank in either Green and Chrome or Black and Chrome, paired with a deeper-valenced and wider 350-style chrome front fender that’s very popular with classic bike enthusiasts.

First come, first serve, the first Classic Electras are here and only in limited quantities at this time from a Royal Enfield dealer, so you need to contact the dealer closest to you to get your handson one. There is no guarantee on quantity and availability once the dealers start claiming them for their clients."

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