Norton Commando 961 is back. Any others sitting in line?

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The British motorcycle journalists from MCN have recently tested the new Norton Commando and apart from their best impressions on the bike, they’ve also provided the internet world with a more than decent photo gallery that reflects the best of this revamped bike.

Featuring brembo brakes, ohlins suspension as well as light-weight carbon fiber wheels, the new Commando is not only Norton’s alternative for the Triumph Thruxton , but a machine capable of becoming a benchmark for the class.

The bike is still in pre-production stages, but chief designer Simon Skinner says: “We want to retain the sihouette of this prototype because it’s a very pretty little bike - butch but pretty." so chances are that not much will differ on the final version.

Inspired by the new Norton Commando, the MCN crew offer people the possibility to vote if British bike brands such as Norton, Hesketh and Brough should be revived or not. So what do you thing?

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