Ostoure - Super Naked-Bike

Ostoure (standing for "Legend" in Persian) has been developed by the Iranian designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie. The super bike utilizes delicate design, in spite of the fact that draw on the roughest class naked-bike. Ostoure is 2WD, which is not the first in this type, but it is one of the most applicable.

The power transmission system consists of two differentials; the steering in front wheel is performing by these joints. The rear suspension system is a regular single spring and in front wheel is the same but in opposite direction. Due to this type of suspension in front wheel the radiator dimension has been minimized and two extra small ones invented in bike’s sides under its body support the central radiator.

The indicators are optional, one is on the bike’s head; and the other is HUD indicator in helmet that has been equipped with speakers and AC system, and connect to the bike by Bluetooth; the commands generate from a module devised on right side of steering handle. Bike steering is like what the pilot experience in the plane.


Well, I don’t think that its platform is kind of good. However, I bet that the new suspension system on the vehicle would make it to perform impressively.

Yeah, the styling doesn’t look great but the add-ons are quite impressive! And the rear suspension of the car would make it to perform great!

I can’t believe to see this one. A wonderful masterpiece, hahaha we should give credits to the one who painted this.

Looks like this bike is designed to be super aerodynamically inclined, just by riding it your already decreasing the air resistance you’re getting while driving it.

That’s way cooler than a Ducati, and the in-helmet indicator just makes it more fantastic.

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