Piaggio CT Concept

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Are crowded cities about to suffer another Vespa invasion? We sure hope so!

We’ve been signaled on a new study of design signed by Paul Corcagnani and dedicated to a protagonist who invaded our cities many years ago, the Vespa.

The vehicle has just been proposed, by its name Piaggio CT (Piaggio Carving Tool), and it signifies an evolution in modern key of the original Vespa, and a possible answer to city mobility of the century XXI.

The concept is very futuristic and its point of departure is the original American Army Jeep from the war period, a vehicle which became a symbol of simplicity and functionality. In fact, for Corcagnani, the Vespa is in a sure sense the “Italian Jeep” in terms of functionality and design, a small vehicle which announces its double success with this launch.

Reviving two great symbols of commuting which come from two different areas, the concept of Piaggio has great chances to enter production in the near future.

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