Rizoma Kit for Kawasaki ZX6-R

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It is hard to believe that a machine like Kawasaki ZX6R can be improved with aftermarket components but Rizoma offers a kit for each and every speed monster out there and this model is no exception.

For 2007 the kit offers a wide range of components that put Rizoma’s fingerprint on the already wonderful product: the rear view mirrors have a slick design but still complete their purpose, the engine guards protect the engine and fairing if the motorcycle falls and slides on the road and the license plate support and indicator light adapters speak for themselves. Concerning commands, the clutch lever, brake lever and rear set control kit have the purpose of easing the rider-machine contact.

There is a saying: “a picture stands for a thousand words” so I invite you to check out the pictures in order to create your own opinion on the product. 

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