Rocking Motorcycle by Felix Götze

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If all the kids that grew up to become motorcyclists had a rocking metal horse in their early years of life, at least parents would know where they did “wrong”.

This rocking motorcycle was built by Felix Götze, who used parts from old german motorbikes. This makes the thing reliable and, together with the resistant frame, it is sure to put a smile on many generations of little faces in one happy family. The first in line is Otto Komei, a three-year-old who enjoys watching the neighbors working on their bikes. Sitting on this rocking motorcycle, at least he’ll feel connected to their activity until he is old enough to join the club and finally let mom and dad realize what they encouraged him to do.

The seat is an old style unit and looks highly resistant to…diaper
content (is it true that they don’t wear those after two years or so?). Also, the headlight and instruments have been properly sealed so that the inevitable drool won’t mess things up when the lucky kid admires the pinstripe from German airbrush-artist Thomas Weber.

The rocking bike was built in educational purposes as well. “Powered” by a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with 150 cc, it teaches the little fellow to start with small steps in life.


Well, if I am a kid, I would definitely can’t resist to ride on that car. The fun that it will bring to the child was impressive. How much is this, by the way?

Weird! I can’t believe that this one is a rocking motorcycle but anyway, I’m impressed to know that it is really a motorcycle hahahah every kid would surely love to have this one.

For kids would be fun playing with this rocking motorcycle.smiley

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