Rockstar Hayabusa deviates from the patterns

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Gregg’s Customs and Jon Reed of Sport Chrome have modified this unique Suzuki Hayabusa to resemble its smaller GSX-R siblings by mounting a completely new tail section on a subframe made in-house. The custom unit will become available from Gregg’s Customs in the future and will allow owners to enhance the sporty looks of their high performance bikes.

Named the Rockstar Hayabusa, this custom doesn’t feature turbos, nitrous and not even chrome (like most custom Hayabusas do), showing how the customization process should be based on originality and resourcefulness, not necessarily on fitting a Busa with the most expensive performance parts and simply chrome the bodywork instead of going for an immediately recognizable paintjob. Way to go on this one!

The bike is currently for sale on eBay, so if you have the same opinion about it as us + financial resources ($10,100), it might just be the one for you.


yo i want a bike lyk this soooo bad!! tht wud b tit 2 drive 2 highskol

It looks great maybe Suzuki should make a GSX with a busa body just like this.smiley

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