Rucker Performance showcases a new custom look for Gauntlet chopper

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Rucker Performance has just announced mid year model changes and a new custom look on the Gauntlet chopper.

Rucker Performance has incorporated new design queues on the Gauntlet to emphasize its long, lean lines and a more hand formed, custom fabricated look. The Gauntlet features a hand-fabricated drop seat design, providing a low center of gravity and better handling, stability, comfort and ergonomics for the Rucker Performance customer.

"The Gauntlet has the powerful performance, excellent maneuvering capabilities and sleek design that customers are looking for in a custom chopper," said Bill Rucker, founder and CEO of Rucker Performance.

Maintaining the strong performance and technology that Rucker Performance represents, the company has converted the final drive to a 133 tooth belt drive. Boasting a 300 series tire, the Gauntlet has 54 mm inverted forks, right side drive, fully polished 124 cubic inch S&S engine and six-speed transmission.

Rucker Performance customers can also add an extreme paint package, selecting from more than 40 colors and the ultimate in unique graphics.

Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of custom wheels, controls and exotic seat skins. Buyers can be custom fitted and measured for riding position, foot controls, handlebar height and pull back at the Rucker Performance factory.

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