Saxon Motorcycles again in The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides

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Henry Cole is back with a new series of The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides and we have just found out that the Travel Channel presenter will swing his leg again on a Saxon Motorcycle. The European motorcycle company sent us a press release to help spread the news, so find it attached after the jump. You can also watch videos from the previous season. Enjoy!

Saxon Motorcycles again in The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides



Travel Channel has new episodes again with Saxon Motorcycles
Henry Cole in The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides

The Travel Channel is broadcasting new episodes of the television program called ‘The World´s Greatest Motorcycle Rides’. Obviously they do these rides with beautiful custom bikes. After having good experiences, they have again chosen to ride it on a Saxon, this time on a Griffin chopper.

Henry Cole, presenter of the program, chooses the routes in the USA and shows them to the viewer, enjoying the ride on the Saxon. In this episodes Henry Cole is Riding America’s Wild West and Riding The American Dream.

Saxon Motorcycles Europe is very excited. “It is a real compliment and confirmation that our motorcycles are not only beautiful to see, but also fit to make every kind of ride, this shows the comfort and experience of riding a Saxon.” says Rinke Andringa, owner. “In this program you can again see the Saxons in action, being driven throughout the most beautiful motorcycles rides in the World.” adds Frank Vermeulen.

Saxon Motorcycles presents summaries of the earlier shows on their website and on YouTube.

Riding California’s Highway No.1
Riding The American Desserts
Riding Boston to Key West part 1
Riding Boston to Key West part 2
Riding The Deep South

More information about Saxon Motorcycles Europe and their custom models can be found on the internet Information of the tv show can be found on

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