Sexy bikers: custom bike needs no airbag

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Through this post, we’re trying to say that although the motorcycle industry is successfully trying to implement motorcycle airbags (see the Honda Goldwing ), some users just don’t need any whatsoever as they have their own to serve and protect them. For instance, this sexy chick may have very well found them in an accessories catalog and they say these things do their job beautifully even when the user is not riding. Great!

Source: masmoto


If Klara and the Aprilia RSV4 would be the perfect match of beautiful art. This one probably is the best example of artless photo shoot. No offends, but its the way how I looked at it.

what a heck?? looks like a photoshop

i can see where are all the air.

This babe can ride with me and I would be safe.smiley
Now this babe is sexy and her airbags too.smileysmiley

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