SkyBrake: Motorcycle Jacking Days are over!

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In order for riders to avoid becoming the victims of Grand Theft Moto they are now offered a very efficient anti-motorcycle jacking solution. Called the SkyBrake, the system is composed from two devices, a small transmitter which you must always carry on your body and a receiver playing the role of an immobilizer which is mounted to the motorcycle engine.

Knowing that, let’s imagine the next scenario: You are happily commuting in New Mexico, let’s say, and stop at a traffic light. A hijacker separates you from your bike and rides away with it. Normally, this would be a good time to call the cops…or start crying, but that’s not the way a true biker works things out, doesn’t it? The thief won’t manage to shift second and the engine will be cut out by the engine blocking module so that you can recover your bike unharmed.

The system is sold for €250 and it is 100% efficient as long as you don’t make the mistake of fitting the transmitter also on the bike.

SkyBrake: Motorcycle Jacking Days are over!

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