Star Roadliner honored at V-Twin Expo

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Receiving the Metric Cruiser of the Year award at the annual V-Twin Expo was a tremendous honor for the Star Roadliner in 2006. Which makes receiving it again in 2007 an even more incredible one. But that’s exactly what happened at the “8th Annual V-Twin Expo by Easy Riders” in Cincinnati, Ohio on Feb. 2-4, when V-Twin Motorcycles magazine presented Star Motorcycles with the 2007 Metric Cruiser of the Year award.

“V-Twin Motorcycles magazine is a premier cruiser publication that is very in tune with current cruiser trends in the market,” said Derek Brooks, Product Planning Manager for Star Motorcycles. “They look at all aspects of the products – from functional handling and engine performance to styling and ‘cool factor.’ Selecting the Roadliner twice in a row over all the other metric cruisers is a huge validation for the Roadliner’s engineering, styling and quality, and for Star Motorcycles’ vision for building metric cruisers.”

The Annual V-Twin Expo is described as the country’s top V-twin trade show, and attracts industry members from across the US and overseas. This year organizers awarded just six motorcycles honors, along with seven accessory awards and two personal awards. Kevin Foley, Media Relations Manager for Star and Yamaha street motorcycles, received the Roadliner’s award at an evening banquet.

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