Suzuki GSX-R has a bad day

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Riding among all kinds of lunatics, a biker can never be too careful. That is why during motorcycle safety courses, instructors advise students to always check their mirrors, even when sitting at a traffic light, stop sign, or simply stopping along side of the road. But the thing is that nobody advises you about this sort of crap. I can’t imagine how that car ended up riding the Gixxer…I just hope the rider is ok.

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I drove past this when I first moved up here , It’s on Wyong road , at tuggerah . Somehow the car bounced when it hit the median strip, knocked the rider off and landed as you see. Athough you’d think the rider would be dead here , luckily he only sustained minor bruising. I know you know but , just once not checking your mirrors and this could be you. keep safe , ssimonn

How the hell did he do this. Is he trying to crossbreed and get a Cam-am. Idiot

This is bad holden car drivers are always d**k heads this car driver need to be on jail.

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