Taurus concept vehicle for cities

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Until we’ll be able to fly our way around the cities, designers will be coming up with interesting solutions for our urban transportation needs and one of them is precisely the Taurus concept vehicle.

Designed by Erik Lanuza, the bike is more like a Segway you sit down on and works on the same principle. This means the self balancing vehicle, which features sufficient safety mechanisms, responds to the rider’s front-rear body posture in order to move forward and stop, while direction is changed using the bull-like handles.

Light, rather small and easy to park, the Taurus looks like it can make life easier in the city, but also cleaner as it would be powered by zero emissions electric motors, making it eco-friendly also.

The reason why these sorts of concept vehicles are being released is to test the public. So, would you ride such a think if it would see production?

Source: atcrux

Taurus concept vehicle for cities
Taurus concept vehicle for cities
Taurus concept vehicle for cities


They look ok but what would the speed be if you wanna ride this on the road.

Cool. It does look like the Segway. Well, since these babies don’t burn fuel, they will be great in the city. If people will find a way to have one of this instead of the regular motor bikes, there will be less pollution and the city will be a better place.

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