The First Low Cost GPS Tracking Unit For Motorcycles

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BikeGPSTracking announced today the launch of their GPS Motorcycle Tracking Unit. The small device is called the MC242 and its purpose is to keep you and your bike under close watch.

Having the ability to alert when the ignition is turned on or off and tether switch if the rider is thrown from its motorcycle (it sends an emergency text message on the specified recipients mobile phones or an email message on their computers), this will be a thief’s worst nightmare. Owners can also press a panic button with the same effects.

The system also features a vibration sensor for when the motorcycle is moved more than 100 yards while the ignition is off and it has the ability to set Geofence and speed alerts. The GPS tracking system is set for North America and Canada while Mexico is optional.

“The launch of our MC242 GPS Motorcycle Tracking Unit gives motorcycle and ATV owners the piece of mind in knowing their property is protected at a very affordable price. With the average price of GPS motorcycle tracking units being well over $500, we are able to leverage our technology leadership and bring the hardware cost down to $349.”
Said Mark Wells, President & CEO of BikeGPSTracking.

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