The Icon by Lorenzo Cycles

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This is the latest motorcycle made by Lorenzo Cycles, it is called The Icon and it will be produced in a limited number of only 13 units. The chopper is a beautiful result of the small company teaming up with custom bike builder Eddie Trotta, who substitutes Ralph Randolph, the creator of the first two bikes.

We happen to like The Icon, but feel there is much more potential waiting to be exploited from the new company. Also, the specs – which you can read after the break – are in accordance with any renegade’s standards.

The Icon by Lorenzo Cycles


• Motor: S&S Anniversary Edition Shovelhead
• Displacement: 93”
• Exhaust: Lorenzo Cycles by Eddie Trotta
• Wheels: R/C by Eddie Trotta
• Floorboards: Thunder Cycle Mini Floorboards
• Grips: Lorenzo Cycles by Eddie Trotta
• Air Cleaner: Thunder Cycle Velocity Stack
• Transmission: Baker
• Primary: Evil Engineering

Price: $ 63,000

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