The pig motorcycle can fly!

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Along time we’ve seen bikes taking different animal shapes depending on the preferences of owners, but it seems this guy likes to be a little more special than the rest of the biking crowd. We can only appreciate him for that, but still cannot understand how he could possibly think at turning his scooter into a flying pig. I guess he’s deep into fairytales or he simply thought at his favorite food…Anyways, good job!

Source: picshag


I’m beginning to get tired of all of these stupid idea. That man is really out of his mind.

LMAO that was a ridiculous custom scooter, No offense but the rider looks exactly like the Hog. LMAO......

Maybe he is a delivery guy or something. If he can find other bikers with animal bikes as well, they can form a circle and it will be like riding the merry go round. Flying s and horses perhaps?

That is a cool funny scooter I wonder how this gy would do up hills.

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