The record-breaking Harley-Davidson XR1200

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At last year’s end, the world had witnessed the first ever Harley successful backflip achieved on a modified XR1200 by our favorite Australians. While that premier was already impressive, the Aussies are now exploiting the bike’s full stunting potential and have recently established an unofficial world record for the world’s longest Harley jump, 157.6 feet. Also, they got their hands on a HD Sportster 883 and started looping it around in the globe of death, so it’s one crazy idea after the other in the minds of those who have turned the XR1200 into a record-breaking machine. Videos are attached after the jump.


Cool jump. Well they got the perfect formula for it to work anyways.
One Customized Harley-Davidson XR 1200 + one courageous experienced driver = One cool video of a long distance jump Honestly, I have known Harley Davidson for their bikes as for cruising and not for jumping, it is kinda exciting to see them do something new.

This is great most people don’t used Harleys for jumps.

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