The Uno: One Unique ..now with a small video

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If I was to describe “The Uno” in three words those would be sharp, single and stylish.

It is all due to the fact that although it works like a Segway it looks like Hayabusa’s small and single-wheeled brother. It is an absolute brand new custom machine and makes an impressive entry with the sport-like riding position offered (footpegs are way behind while the seat and handlebars are what you would expect to find on your daily sportbike).

In order to keep good balance there are two side-by-side wheels with custom rims while the orange and grey color scheme elected for it won’t have it pass unnoticed at any Motorcycle Show. Its first was in Toronto.

What is the most amazing related to it is the fact that as creator it has an 18 year old, Ben J. Poss Gulak.

The Uno: One Unique Ride...now with a small video
The Uno: One Unique Ride...now with a small video

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