Thirsty H-D riders travel with a barrel of whisky

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Bikers are known to be heavy drinking people, it’s in their blood, just like riding is, but we never heard of anyone combining the two passions except the times it lead to crashes. In this case though, we’re surprised to see a couple riding and pulling a barrel of whisky along for the ride.

We can’t help but wonder if the liquor made it to the destination or what the police would have said in the unhappy event of pulling them along the side of the road.

Source: masmoto


Now that is the way to travel. Ride with the wind along with the favorite drink on the back. I wonder where the hose or the straw is, it would be fun (but nobody do it please) to do it at the same time. Lol.

well after the long ride that’s the good time to savor this whisky to the last drop.

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