Three teams and just as many official Aprilia off road riders for the 2008 season

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The moves have been made for Aprilia Off Road in the World Supermoto Championship they prepare to begin the 2008 season with a new asset. After having won four international titles (the 2004 Riders’ title with Jerome Giraudo, the 2006 Riders’ and Constructors’ with Thierry Van Den Bosch and his SXV 4.5, and the 2007 with the SXV 5.5), the twins from Noale demonstrated to be such weapons of success that many top teams and riders chose them for 2008.

To face this challenge, Aprilia Off Road has reconfigured their presence in the top competitions. This year, there will be three official teams; Team Factory Aprilia Off Road, Team DRC Aprilia Off Road, and Team H2O Aprilia Off Road. A different structure but a common thread will link them all together; the development and tuning of the motorcycles.

There will also be three official Aprilia Off Road riders: the multi-time international champion, Thierry Van Den Bosch (Factory Aprilia Off Road), the new entry of Ivan Lazzarini (Team DRC Aprilia Off Road) who is the four-time Italian Supermoto Champion (2003-2006), and once again the talented young Englishman, Christian Iddon (Team H2O Aprilia Off Road) who finished 3 rd last year in the World S2 and has won two British titles.

Van Den Bosch is eager to redeem himself for a 2007 in which he closed out the International S1 in 2nd place notwithstanding victories in 10 of the 16 disputed races.

To work beside Lazzarini, Team DRC Aprilia Off Road signed Massimo Beltrami (two-time Italian Supermoto Champion in 2002 and 2006), while Iddon’s teammate at Team H2O Aprilia Off Road will be Luca Minutilli (3rd place last year in the Italian S2 Supermoto).

All will have Aprilia SXV Replicas at their disposition in the same configuration and development phase as the factory team.

Here is the lineup of the Aprilia Off Road in the World Supermoto Championship: atop Aprilia SXV 4.5s in the S1 class will be Thierry Van Den Bosch and Ivan Lazzarini and atop Aprilia SXV 5.5s in the S2 will be Christian Iddon, Massimo Beltrami, and Luca Minutilli.


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