tokyo 2009 yamaha hv-x hybrid w video picture

The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show saw Yamaha unveiling no less than five world premieres among which the HV-X Hybrid motorcycle has drawn the most attention for being the modern interpretation of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM). This means it offers an upright riding position and relies on a versatile character in order to turn out being everything from a commuter to a canyon carver.

Tokyo 2009: Yamaha HV-X Hybrid [w/video]

Disposing of a hybrid powerplant working closely together with a scooter-like automatic transmission, the Yamaha HV-X knows a thing or two about fuel efficiency, eco and user-friendliness, while its TMax 500 chassis is the best thing in between a motorcycle and a scooter that Yamaha could pull off. The thing is built like a veritable all-rounder and can work in full-electric and combined gas/electric modes, as shown by the video attached after the jump.

If Yamaha gets positive feedback regarding this model, they might just have it mass produced. So, what do you think about the new Yamaha HV-X Hybrid?


    I was thinking the same thing Rod.

    Posted on 11.2.2009

    Rod (833)

    It goes well in the video but I think the price would high.

    Posted on 10.30.2009

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