Tokyo 2009: Yamaha unveils five world premieres

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Yamaha released five world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

This Special Exhibition Model of the SR400 adopts a fuel-injected engine for outstanding environmental performance while maintaining its traditional lightweight, slim and compact design ideal plus the sense of pulse and the styling that have always defined the SR models. Also, a new retro-modern styled meter panel and newly designed side covers and Yamaha emblem add new touches of quality.

EC-f/EC-fs are electric commuter vehicles designed to make motorcycle riding easy and familiar for many people of all ages regardless of riding experience. They feature simplicity of operation that only an electric vehicle can provide, plus futuristic styling. Their ease of use, quietness and smoothness make riding a joy.

The EC-f features a color scheme accentuating its cleanness as a commuter vehicle, while the EC-fs coloring accentuate stylishness.


Cool. Places in Asia wherein there are a lot of motorcyclist needs rides like this one. I mean if they use a more environmentally friendly motorcycles, their city will be less polluted and more fresh air might come. This should be done in all the places that uses scooters actually.

That Ec-fs Electric commuter looks fun.smiley

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