Travis Pastrana backflips from one building to another

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Backflips have long become part of Travis Pastrana’s routine, but he is always finding new ways of making the old trick even more spectacular. He even did the stunt with the shoe bike not long ago and his latest achievement is the backflip from building to building. He was definitely very confident in his ability to pull out the stunt because there was no safety net involved.

Source: motoblog

Travis Pastrana Backflips From Building to Buildin


Whoooaally cow!!! Now that is how you jump one building to another. He didn’t get satisfied with it and even did a backflip for his second jump. Amazing. Now if X games is as exciting as that, there will surely be a lot watching, and probably a lot getting hurt as this is not an easy thing to do.

I saw that in MTV nitro circus Travis was shaking when he did that jump.

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